Kindergarten to fifth grade

Take equal quantities of excitement, energy, and adventure.  Mix it with meaningful teaching, storytelling, and song.  Viola, you have the kindergarten to 5th grade children's ministry of Little Chapel Church.   


Our mission is to equip the Body of Christ to bring children into the Kingdom and train them to walk and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our goal is to equip our children with the Word of God and encourage them to memorize the Word through a weekly memory verse challenge.







Hangar Ten combines high-energy activities with Bible-based teaching for boys and girls in kindergarten through 5th grade.  A combination of games, interesting puppet characters, and fun-filled songs capture kids' attention while also showing them that living for God is the best thing out there.  Elementary services coincide with our weekend services.


Hangar Ten is adjacent to the north side of the main building.  Hangar Ten is accessible through the corridor off the north side of the gym in the main building.


Check-in process


First time visitors will go to the children's check-in kiosk where our team will register your child and give your child a name badge with a parent pick-up tag.  Please let us know if your child has any allergies or special requirements during the check-in time.


If we need to contact you during service, your parent pick-up number will be displayed on the screens in the sanctuary and on the monitors at each entrance of the campus.  After your first visit, the self check-in kiosks are provided to sign in and print your child's name badge and parent pick-up tag.


At the end of the service, show your parent pick-up tag to the security personnel upon entrance to the Nursery and/or Kid's Kingdom, then to a volunteer in your child's classroom, and your child will be released to you.  Children will not be released to anyone not possessing the correct pick-up tag or to a minor.


Safety is our first commitment.  All of our staff and volunteer workers have passed an interview and background check.



Every Wednesday night at 6:00pm in Hangar Ten our kindergarten through 5th grade students get to experience their very own Night of Fun and Learning with worship and a message in a safe, friendly, and energetic setting.  Elementary services coincide with our mid-week adult services.


Hangar Ten is adjacent to the north side of the main building. Hangar Ten is accessible through the corridor off the north side of the gym in the main building.



Each quarter we have separate events just for boys and girls.  These fun and meaningful experiences will present Jesus Christ in a relevant way and create moments your child will not forget.  For more details on these exciting special events, visit our calendar page.



We partner with parents through our movie nights to create conversation starters for them to be more involved in their kids' media lives.  Whether its while the credits roll or the next day, this event will help you share your family's values in a relevant way.  For more details on these exciting Family Movie Nights, visit our calendar page.






For more details about Little Chapel Church's Children's Ministry, contact us at  You can also follow us on Facebook.