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by Darrell Eisenhauer - May 26, 2015

Watching an episode of Shark Tank the other night I was impressed by a statement made during the show. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it involves a panel of five billionaires listening to the presentations of people wanting them to invest in their ideas or new-found businesses. One of the candidates responded to Mark Cuban’s offer of $200,000.00 in exchange for a $30% ownership of his more



Sherie's Story

May 13, 2015

While growing up, I experienced dance through; cheerleading, school dances, aerobic dance, the privacy of my room, and teen dance clubs. As a young adult I took college classes to learn how to teach dance and even danced in night clubs a few times. Never once, during my formative years, did I consider that dance could have a place in worshipping more



Appointed or Dis-appointed?

by Darrell Eisenhauer - May 13, 2015

Do things happen by chance or is the happenstance a result of some action on our part, perhaps even spiritually directed? Obviously, for some things there is a cause and effect. Generally, if you eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep, you will feel better. And if you don't pay your water bill, your water will be shut off. It's the exception to the general rule that puzzles more



Perfect Conditions

by Darrell Eisenhauer - March 24, 2015

Our winter hung on late, and the spring was unusually wet - poor conditions for an early garden. I planted anyway. I had learned not to wait for perfect conditions to plant a garden; sometimes perfect conditions never more



The Tangible Effect of Grace

by Ed Nenonen - March 20, 2015

There are two things I want to address: (1) The presumption that grace is a legitimate excuse to sin. In some sense that is a free pass to sin, since, "I'm not under the Law." (2) That grace is simply a legal transaction that frees us from the consequences of sin. While it certainly does this, it is more than just your heavenly title deed to eternal more



Self Made, Or God Made?

by Darrell Eisenhauer - February 25, 2015

Someone stopped at a village one time and asked an old man who lived there, “Have any great men ever been born here?” The old man wisely answered, “Nope, only babies.” Everyone wants their life to be worthwhile and to count for something. One thing is for sure, God will not measure our significance by our pedigree. The real worth of a person is not dependent upon the wealth and reputation of his more



How Much Is a Lock of Hair Worth?

by Darrell Eisenhauer - February 5, 2015

If you are an Abraham Lincoln admirer, a lock of hair is worth $25,000. At least that’s what a collector paid at a recent auction. The snippet of hair was clipped off by the attending physician while Lincoln was on his death bed. How much is a sample of someone’s blood worth? more



New Year, Renewed Hope

by Darrell Eisenhauer - January 28, 2015

On the first Sunday morning of 2015, Pastor Lee spoke on the New Year bringing forth an expectation and a hope that there are good things lying ahead. He said that there is an innate goodness interwoven into our world by God Himself. He read from Romans 1 that declares that man knows there is a God because they can see His creation and His invisible power and that He is more



The Right Words

by Darrell Eisenhauer - January 12, 2015

Our Sunday school lesson centered around Job and his "helpful" friends.  Instead of being encouraging and offering the comfort Job needed, his "helpful" friend's words were accusatory and drove his despair deeper.  This led to a discussion of how Christians today sometimes say unhelpful things to a hurting more



Dream Come True

by Ed Nenonen - December 28, 2014

As many of you know, Anita and I are pastoring an international English speaking Church in Northern Africa for the first three months of 2015.  We are relieving some missionaries who will be in the States for several months.  The Church as we understand it is made up of people from 10 to 15 different more



The Tie That Binds

by Darrell Eisenhauer - December 15, 2014

Baby chicks are shipped from the hatchery when one day old. They come in cardboard boxes with plenty of air holes for oxygen. And they come tightly packed together, barely enough room to turn around. This is because most chicks are shipped in the dead of winter or in early spring and it's important that they stay warm from each other's body more



Blessings Happen

by Darrell Eisenhauer - December 9, 2014

What possesses some people to put certain bumper stickers on their car is beyond me, but I think people are invariably drawn to messages that reflect some inner feelings they have, and I think this holds true even when it's something more




by Darrell Eisenhauer - December 2, 2014

Symbiotic - the close association between two or more organisms of different species, often, but not necessarily, benefiting each member. There are many examples of symbiotic relationships in nature. Certain flowers are only reproduced if they are pollinated by a certain insect and there are certain insects that feed only upon certain plants. They are dependent upon each other (one of many facts disproving evolution) more



The Straight and Narrow Way

by Darrell Eisenhauer - November 29, 2014

When I was a boy, I always enjoyed visiting one of my great aunts. Aunt Lillie lived on a dairy farm and whether it was exploring the hay loft, climbing trees, or simply watching her Collie dog bring the milk cows up to the barn in the evening, there was plenty to more



Come and Dine

by Darrell Eisenhauer - November 29, 2014

My cousin and I liked to rabbit hunt and Thanksgiving morning was an ideal time for it.  A few hours of hunting in the crisp November air was enjoyable, but what followed was even better.  Opening the door to grandma's house, and being greeted by the fragrance of home-made bread, pumpkin pie, and baked more






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