260 Chapters in the New Testament 

260 Weekdays in a Year 

In 2016, Partner With Someone A Chapter a day, Monday – Friday



It’s simple. Choose your partner(s) and every weekday morning read the assigned chapter and then text, email, or call your NT Challenge partner sharing what stood out to you and what insight you gained from it. Your partner responds with the same from their perspective.




Choose One or Two of the Options Below


  1. Life Group Morning Text

  2. Curious Unbeliever Acquaintance (Work, School, Neighbor, Friend, etc.)

  3. Extended Family

  4. Immediate Family



Choose Your Purpose and Goal


  • Evangelistic (in other words, choose a partner who doesn’t know Jesus, but is curious).

  • Discipleship (in other words, choose a partner who’s a Christian and wants to go deeper).




Important to Remember…


  • This is an Important One-Year Commitment to Jesus and Your Partner. Make it and keep it.

  • You can start and go through it with the whole church – LCC Launch Date 1/4/16

  • Or, you can jump in at any time of the year with your partner and start on any date. (Be sure and pick up a calendar insert at the church office if you choose this option.)

  • Sign up for LCC’s daily email to get the Pastors’ post every day on the assigned reading.