Ed was born and raised in Zion, Illinois.  After College he was radically converted and called to ministry.  Within a year he began to teach Bible studies at a Christian Coffee House, and in 1977 was ordained as a pastor in a Church of young Christians that were converted during the 1970’s Jesus Movement.  In 1985, he moved to Little Rock, AR, and served as lead Pastor in one Church, and later an Associate Pastor in another over a 7 year period.   During that time Ed also worked in the Pro-Life movement helping to pass an amendment to the Arkansas State Constitution prohibiting public funds for abortions.

In 1994, Ed came on staff at Little Chapel and served consecutively until 2017 when He and his wife, Anita, moved to Marrakech, Morocco to pastor the English speaking International Church.  
After returning Ed joined the Little Chapel pastoral staff again in 2021.  
During his tenure at Little Chapel he has had the opportunity to teach Bible in Russia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Botswana, Kenya and then Morocco.
Ed lives in Eldorado with his wife Anita.  They have 4 adult children and 9 grandchildren.